17/02502/OUT | Outline planning permission for up to 150 dwellings (including 35% affordable housing), landscaping, public open space and green infrastructure including children’s equipped and local play areas, surface water flood attenuation, vehicular access from Tadmarton Road, land for recreational purposes and outdoor learning and associated ancillary works. Outline with all Matters Reserved with the exception of the principal vehicular access from Tadmarton Road | OS Parcel 0078 North West Of Quarry Close Quarry Close Bloxham

Bloxham Parish Council objects to this application on the following planning grounds:

  1. It is contrary to CDC Local Plan Part 1 which allows for development in villages within built up limits and categorises Bloxham as a service village where minor development, infill and conversion could be permitted. This is a major development and clearly beyond the built limits of Bloxham.
  2. It is contrary to all the criteria of Policy Villages 2. In addition, we understand that the total rural allocation to 2031 for villages is almost achieved. We would point out that since 2007 Bloxham has had some 313 dwellings approved and built out.
  3. The proposal does not correspond with other Local Plan themes and policies including: ESD10 Protection and Enhancement of Biodiversity and the Natural Environment, ESD 13 Local Landscape Protection and Enhancement, and SO12, SO13 and B87.
  4.  The proposed development is contrary to policies of Bloxham Neighbourhood Development Plan; particularly, BL1 and BL2:

BL1 Development of approximately 85 dwellings is supported to the south of Milton Road as shown on Map 1 subject to compliance with the other policies of this Plan.

BL2 In addition to the major development set out in Policy BL1 the following sustainable development will also be permitted: conversion, infilling and minor development within the existing built up limits provided that such additional developments are small in scale typically, but not exclusively, five dwellings or fewer.

At referendum in November 2016 Bloxham’s Neighbourhood Development Plan had 97% approval.

  1. This application does not conform to BNDP policies BL3, BL7, BL9 and BL11. It will cause adverse harm to amenities for existing residents by exacerbating existing traffic congestion, putting further pressure on the availability of school places and increasing pollution levels that are already close to or beyond the recommended limit as CDC reported in their Air Quality Assessment for Bloxham 2017.
  2. CDC can demonstrate a 5 year housing land supply. In his report refusing Appeal App/C3105/W/17/3180173 Decision date December 12 2017 the Inspector said:

It is not disputed that the Council can demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing land (HLS). In such circumstances, the Framework at paragraph 49 sets out that relevant policies for the supply of housing can be considered up-to-date and paragraph 14 of the Framework sets out a presumption in favour of sustainable development.

  1. NPPF establishes as a core planning principle that planning should be genuinely plan led. This development is contrary to core policies in Cherwell’s adopted Local Plan and Bloxham’s NDP and with an undisputed 5 year housing land supply, approval of this proposal would conflict with this core planning principle.

The reports presented with this application show numerous significant omissions and factual errors including:

  1. The Air Quality report does not reference the latest report for 2017 which notes: “Monitoring has been undertaken in Bloxham and indicates there is an exceedance of the nitrogen dioxide annual mean objective at relevant receptors (49.5 μg/m3).”
  2. The Preliminary Ecology Appraisal, notes in the Executive Summary: “2. There are no statutory designated sites
    within 2km of the site boundary nor any non
    statutory designated sites within 1 km.”

This statement ignores the Slade Nature Reserve which borders the proposed site and has been managed as a nature reserve for more than 50 years. Bloxham Parish Council are in the process of applying for formal designation of the Slade as a nature reserve.

  1. The plans show and the Design and Access statement refers to land for potential use by Bloxham Primary School for playing pitches and outdoor learning purposes: as far as we are aware the school has not asked for nor been approached about land for these purposes.
  2. The Transport Assessment report proposes an assisted pedestrian crossing on Tadmarton Rd though this has been considered and discounted as viable in this location as part of the discussions in connection with the adjacent Woodlands site currently being built out.
  3. For surface and foul water drainage to the Woodlands development adjacent to this site, Thames Water are providing gravity feed drainage into Brookside Way via the country park. None of this appears to be shown in the accompanying documentation. Instead in the Flood Drainage Assessment at 4.4, a piped gravity feed system for 25 houses is shown discharging into a manhole yet to be constructed on Tadmarton Road and the remaining properties are shown to be connected via a pumped solution into this proposed gravity feed solution.

Bloxham Parish Council will provide a list of the enhancement of village amenities and infrastructure that it would seek via developer contributions should the Council be minded to approve this application or should the applicant be successful in appealing a refusal.

Bloxham Parish Council object to this application on the above grounds and expect it to be refused by Cherwell District Council planning officers.


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