Oxfordshire County Council is currently consulting on a proposed weight limit for High Street, Burford.

Here is the link to the documents on the OCC web site.


The Parish Council will be making the following comments on the proposal and residents are also encouraged to make their own comments:

  • Burford has 162 listed buildings
  • 12000 vehicles a day/600 HGVs a day use the single lane road and 12C bridge
  • Extended peak delays lead to an increase in pollution
  • Pollution levels are marginally below legal limits
  • Queueing HGVs are causing acid erosion to buildings
  • A361 at Burford is an accident black spot
  • Traffic surveys show HGVs do not stop in Burford but are passing through to other destinations
  • There are viable alternative routes
  • A weight limit in Burford would have a positive impact on other towns and villages including Bloxham on A361 by forcing HGVs to use alternative routes
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