Circular Walk – Possible Closure to the Short Walk

The Ridgeway to the back of the church


Very recently two sheep have been severely savaged by dogs on this part of the circular walk.


Dogs must be kept on a lead and under close control at all times. Residents and their dogs are permitted to use the permitted path only and not to stray or trespass onto private agricultural land.


The land owner has warned that if the attacks continue, the walk will be closed permanently and the private land fenced off.


Notices have been placed up repeatedly stating that dog’s must be kept on leads at all times. Any dog attacking livestock on agricultural land is a criminal offence. To protect their livestock the land owner has the right and the will, to kill the offending dog.


Residents need to be aware that the illegal actions of a few people will have repercussions for the whole community and a loss of this valuable village asset.


Residents are also reminded of the following:


Public Rights of Way, Bridle paths:

Dogs should be kept on leads in fields with livestock. The route taken must be on the PROW only and not across private fields.


The Slade Nature Reserve:

Dogs must be kept on leads in all areas of the Nature Reserve.

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