Parish Council elections are being held on 3 May 2018.

If you would like to stand for election, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council for a set of nomination papers. The deadline for submission of nomination papers to Cherwell District Council is 4pm on 6 April 2018. Please email

Committee Memberships 2016/2017

Environment                          Resources                  Planning and Strategy

Nick Rayner                                Nick Rayner                   Gillian Roberts

Mary Groves                               Jenny Yates                    Tom Smith

Gloria Lester-Stevens               Andrew Taplin               Mary Groves

Steve Craggs                               Stephen Phipps              Stephen Phipps

Tom Smith                                  Steve Craggs                   Gloria Lester-Stevens

Gillian Roberts                                                                      Sue Slater

Mike Hawtin                                                                         Jenny Yates

Patricia Hopkins (non-councillor                                     Mike Hawtin

with no voting rights)                                                          Patricia Hopkins (non councillor with no voting                                                                                                         rights)


Staffing Committee


Jenny Yates (Chairman)

Sue Slater (Vice-Chairman)

Andrew Taplin

Gillian Roberts


Parish Council Representatives on Other Bodies


Bloxham Festival:                                                 Councillor Mary Groves

Environment                                                         Councillor Gloria Lester-Stevens

Jubilee Park Management Committee:           Councillor Sue Slater

Neighbourhood Action Group (NAGS):          Councillor Mary Groves

Bloxham Neighbourhood                                   Councillors Stephen Phipps, Sue Slater and

Development Plan (BNDP):                               Jenny Yates

St Mary’s Thursday Club:                                   Councillor Gloria Lester-Stevens

The Slade:                                                              Councillor Stephen Phipps