Bloxham Parish Council Meeting - Monday 3 April 2017

at 7.30pm at St Mary's Parish Rooms, Bloxham

If you would like to download the pdf version of the minutes, please click below.

Bloxham Parish Council Minutes 6 July 2015




PRESENT:   Councillor Geoff Mollard (Chairman); Councillors Robert Giles, Gloria Lester-Stevens, Stephen Phipps, Sue Slater, Tom Smith, Andrew Taplin and Jenny Yates.


ALSO IN ATTENDANCE:  Theresa Goss (Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer), Gillian Roberts (Co-opted member of the Parish Council’s Environment Committee and Planning & Strategy Committee), District Councillor Christine Heath, John Groves BNDP Co-ordinator and District Councillor Lynda-Thirzie-Smart.


APOLOGIES:  Apologies were received from Parish Councillors Mary Groves, Patricia Hopkins and Nick Rayner and these were accepted.  Apologies were also received from County Councillor Kieron Mallon.


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and reminded the Councillors and the public that recording of the meeting was permitted.  However, he asked that should anyone wish to record the proceedings, could they please advise the Parish Council so that this could be facilitated.


The Chairman highlighted that tomorrow was the anniversary of the 07/07 bombings and the Parish Council passed its condolences to those affected by the attack.


28/15     DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – There were no declarations of interest.


Resolved that the interests be noted.


29/15     MINUTES – The minutes of the meeting held on 1 June 2015 were taken as read and duly adopted and signed by the Chairman.


Resolved that the minutes be approved.




Minute Number 5/15 – Tadmarton Road Ditch – Councillor Gloria Lester-Stevens reported that the ditch had still not been cleared.  Also earlier that day, she had emailed Gordon Kelman about the collapse of the block work holding the pipes which feed Bloxham brook, located opposite the site of the old Yeomans garage.  The blocks were partially blocking the outflow from these pipes and although the Brook was currently low, should it get higher it could cause a flooding issue.


Minute Number 6/15 – Grass Cutting – Councillor Stephen Phipps reported that Nigel Prickett had now cut the grass in the ditch on Barford Road.


Minute Number 18/15 – Laurel Surrounding the Pumping Station – Cherwell District Council had cut the laurel which was located around the outside area of the pumping station, but the inside area which belonged to Thames Water, had not yet been cut.  Action TG


Minute Number 23/15 – Councillor Tom Smith reported that he would be approaching a land owner about using a piece of land for a parking area, but as yet, he had not been able to get hold of him.


Minute Number 25/15 – The Clerk was in the process of arranging a meeting with the Parish Council, Jubilee Park Management Committee and the Recreation Ground Trustees to discuss the results of the play equipment questionnaire.  Action TG


Resolved that the report be noted.


31/15     RESIDENTS’ ISSUES – The Chairman reported that the resident who had been erecting the flags and bunting around the bus shelter on Banbury Road, had been asked to remove them as it was the property of the Parish Council, in future permission should be requested.


Resolved that the report be noted.


32/15     REPORTS FROM COUNTY AND DISTRICT COUNCILLORS – Prior to the meeting, District Councillor Lynda Thirzie-Smart had circulated her report to the Parish Council.


District Councillor Christine Heath reported that a resident, who lived just below Steeple Close had not been consulted as a neighbour on planning application 14/00305/F which included new solar panels.  He had only found out about the application from the site notice, but the application had already been approved and he had been advised to write to Cherwell District Council about the matter.


Councillor Heath had been contacted regarding the traffic generated by the Yew Tree Industrial Estate.  Councillor Heath would send a copy of the letter to the Clerk and Councillor Jenny Yates.  The Parish Council recalled that that permission had been given for a light industrial estate, with a possible access route from Bloxham Grove, Councillor Heath the pursue this with CDC Planning.


Councillor Heath also reported that the Local Plan would be heard on 20 July 2015 by Cherwell District Council.  Councillor Heath would not be able to speak at the meeting, as she would be chairing it, however, Councillor Lynda Thirzie Smart could speak on behalf of the Parish Council.  Councillors Jenny Yates and Susan Slater would liaise with Councillor Thirzie-Smart before the meeting.


Councillor Heath also reported that 1 Hyde Grove was on Cherwell District Council’s Planning Committee agenda for Thursday 9 July 2015 and she hoped that the application would be refused.


With regard to planning application 14/02147/F at the Bungalow Cumberford Hill, this would be considered by Parish Council’s Planning Committee on Thursday 9 July 2015.  Part of the application was mews-type buildings running down the hill.  They were all at the same height with gardens and parking at the rear.  However, this was an employment site and parking was in a flood zone. The applicant had not addressed the flooding issues which the Environment Agency had highlighted and had therefore, subsequently asked for appropriate planning conditions.  Councillor Jenny Yates advised that it would be helpful if residents could address the District Council’s Planning Committee when it was considered.  The application would probably be considered in September 2015.


County Councillor Kieron Mallon did not submit a report to the Parish Council.


The District Councillors were thanked for their reports.


Resolved that the reports be noted.


33/15     PLANNING


  1. Planning Applications – Councillor Jenny Yates reported on the planning applications which had been considered by the Parish Council’s Planning Committee since the last meeting.


                        Resolved that the planning applications and reports be noted.


  1. Results of Planning Applications – Councillor Jenny Yates reported to the Parish Council on results of applications which had been determined by Cherwell District Council’s Planning Committee.


               Resolved that the results of the planning applications determined by Cherwell District Council, be noted.


  • Planning Matters – The Parish Council received the following updates:


  • Proposed meeting with Victoria Prentis MP – Councillor Jenny Yates reported that a letter had been sent to Victoria Prentis on behalf of the Parish Council and a reply was expected.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  • Traffic Survey – Councillor Jenny Yates reported that the Parish Councils involved with the survey, were waiting for the County Council to advise on their methodology before they decided whether or not to go ahead without an input from the County Council.


       Resolved that the report be noted.


  • Milton Road South – The planning application by Miller Homes for reserved matters had been submitted to Cherwell District Council and would be discussed by the Parish Council’s Planning Committee on Thursday 9 July 2015.


Resolved that the report be noted


34/15     BLOXHAM NEIGHBOURHOOD DEVELOPMENT PLAN (BNDP) – John Groves reported that the Plan was in its final stages.  It would shortly be sent to an examiner for a final check and when John received it back, the necessary amendments would be made before submission to the consultant, Tony Burton.  It was hoped that the final version of the Plan would be approved by the Parish Council in August 2015.


Bloxham School had been consulted again and its legal team had suggested that the School should hire a planning consultant to give an opinion on the Plan.


John was thanked for all his work on the Plan.


Resolved that the report be noted.




  1. Committee Minutes and Recommendations.


  • Environment Committee – There had not been a meeting of the Committee since the last meeting of the Parish Council.


                                 Resolved that the report be noted.


  • Resources Committee – The minutes of the meeting held on 18 June 2015 had been circulated to the Parish Council.


                                 Resolved that:


  • grant applications only be considered annually by the Parish Council, in order to assist with budgeting for grants;


  • Standing Order 4dvii, relating to the quorum for the Planning Committee be amended from 3 to 4 in order to reflect the quorum of the Parish Council;


  • the time limit of 10 minutes for public participation be deleted, leaving the text ‘as directed by the Chair;’


  • the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) to attend the Resources Committee meetings to assist with queries regarding the Parish Council finances;


  • the reference in the Assets Register to the Recreation Ground be deleted;


  • invoices for payment be presented at the Parish Council meetings;
  • Environment Committee to consider if the tree work budget needs to be increased;
  • the New Homes Bonus monies be kept in a separate bank account to assist with Parish Council budgeting; and


  • the budget be revised quarterly by the RFO.


  • Planning Committee – Prior to the meeting, the minutes of the meetings held on 9 and 22 June 2015 had been circulated to the Parish Council.


Minute 35/15 Planning application 15/00734/F Warriner School – Councillor Stephen Phipps felt that following the success of the Section 106 money being diverted from North Oxfordshire Academy back to Warriner School, the importance of the joint community use agreement should be highlighted.  Although it was not the Parish Council’s responsibility to be involved with the joint community use agreement which was between Cherwell District Council (CDC) and Warriner School, the Parish Council should continue to ensure that progress was made with this.


Councillor Jenny Yates advised that CDC would not release the Section 106 money until a community joint use agreement was in place and the PC would ensure that this would happen.  The Clerk was asked to obtain a copy of the new agreement from CDC.


John Groves advised that Sibford School might be able to assist with a copy of a joint community use agreement.


Minute Number 49/15 – Councillor Stephen Phipps also asked that copies of the Planning Committee responses to large or controversial developments, be saved in Drop Box.


Resolved that:


  • the minutes be noted;
  • responses to large or controversial planning applications be added to Drop Box; and
  • a copy of the new joint community use agreement be obtained from Cherwell District Council. Action TG


  1. ii) Drop-in and Chat – It was reported that no issues had been raised at the last session.


The next drop-in and chat sessions were being held as follows:


Saturday 11 July 2015 – Councillors Robert Giles and Nick Rayner

Saturday 8 August 2015 – Councillors Tom Smith and Gloria Lester-Stevens


Resolved that the report be noted.

  1. Jubilee Park Management Committee – The Chairman reported that he would be having discussions with the Management Committee about how the Committee was working and how roles would continue to be fulfilled. The Chairman felt that additional members might be invited to join the Committee now that the refurbishment work was almost complete.


Charlotte Simms was managing bookings very well, however regular users needed to make a contribution and join the Management Committee.


On Sunday 2 August 2015, there would be a re-launch of the Hall, combined with the AGM and possibly a BBQ.  Invitation had been sent out to all regular users, the Management Committee, the Project Team and Parish Councillors.


The Chairman reported that the refurbishment programme had gone exceptionally well and there were just a few items to finish off.  New chairs would also be purchased and Warriner School had taken the old ones away.


The Primary School and Warriner School were both being asked to contribute pictures to decorate the walls inside the Hall.


Resolved that the report be noted.


36/15     FINANCE


  1. Accounts for Payment – The Clerk submitted to the Parish Council, the accounts to be paid.


Resolved that:


  • the following accounts be approved for payment:


Payments Amount Cheque No.
Theresa Goss – Salary for July 2015 £556.67 867
Theresa Goss – Expenses for July 2015 £39.41 867
Katherine Mills – Salary for June 2015 £170.77 868
HMRC Payment for July 2015 £232.25 869
Oxfordshire County Council Pension Fund – Clerks Pension £189.90 870
Nigel Prickett – Grass Cutting for May & June 2015 £2436.00 873
Oxfordshire County Council – Room Hire £39.00 874
Geoff Mollard – Ink for printer £24.17 875
Bloxham Mill – Room Hire £27.00 876
Complete Weed Control – First application of 2015/2016 £558.00 877
Information Commissioner – Annual fee £35.00 878
St John Ambulance – First Aid Course on 20 June 2015 £222.00 879


  1. ii) Bank Reconciliation – Prior to the meeting, the Clerk had circulated the bank reconciliation as at 6 July 2015 for the Bank of Ireland bank accounts.


Resolved that the bank reconciliation be noted.




  1. Bloxham Recreation Ground Trustees – Councillor Robert Giles reported that he had attended the AGM and it had been a positive meeting. The Trustees had gone through the accounts and given Councillor Giles a record of their income and expenditure.  It appeared from the accounts that the Parish Council grant financed the majority of the Recreation ground expenditure, however there was other income from the Football Club.


It was acknowledged that another meeting would be needed to discuss the results of the play equipment questionnaire.


The Chairman thanked Councillor Giles for his report.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  1. Circular Walk – The Chairman reported that Walk was progressing well, kissing gates were due to be installed in the next few weeks and the permissive paths agreements had been finalised. Badger fencing also needed to be erected along part of the permissive path which crossed the Eton School  The Walk would not be fully open until the end of August or the start of September, due to harvesting.  Leaflets and signs were in the process of being printed and there would be a formal launch of the Walk, which would start outside The Joiners Arms. Also, £5,000 grant funding had been approved by TOE2.


The Parish Council thanked the Chairman, Des Jones and Alan Mole for all their work on the Circular Work.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  • The Slade – Councillor Stephen Phipps reported that the County Council had agreed to give the Parish Council £5,000 towards the works at The Slade, which it had been unable to complete prior to the transfer. The transfer on exchange of contracts would be completed imminently.


Councillor Phipps also reported that Alan Mole had helped enormously by applying to TOE2 for a grant.  The grant would be used to cover the costs of the necessary equipment, transfers and risk assessments. These grant monies would be in addition to the £10,000 already allocated to The Slade from the New Homes Bonus.  Marie Jones’ Management Plan would also be updated.


On behalf of the Parish Council, the Chairman thanked Councillor Phipps, Alan Mole and Marie Jones for all their work on The Slade.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted;
  • the documents relating to the transfer of The Slade from Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) to Bloxham Parish Council, which will also come with the sum of £5000 from OCC be signed by Geoff Mollard , Jenny Yates and Theresa Goss and that the exchange and completion date of the transfer, be simultaneous and be completed as soon as possible;
  • Marie Jones’ Management Plan be updated and added into Drop Box; and
  • Came and Company Insurance Brokers be advised to amend the Parish Council’s insurance policy, once transfer has been completed.


  1. St John Ambulance First Aid Course – Councillor Mary Groves had reported to the Clerk that all the attendees had felt that the course was excellent and Jubilee Hall was a very good venue.


If there was sufficient interest, the Parish Council would consider running the course again.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  1. v) Village Groups – Councillor Gloria Lester-Stevens reported that the St Mary’s Thursday Centre now needed to recruit a new Secretary.


Councillor Robert Giles asked the Parish Council whether there would be any issue, if he shared the responsibility of raising the flag with the Royal British Legion.  He suggested that if he was unavailable, then Robert Aplin would do it for him and vice-versa.


Councillor Tom Smith also suggested that when the roads were closed for the Remembrance Services that there was additional signage asking people to show respect and not try to enter the area of the closure.


Councillors Giles also asked about the ownership of the War Memorial as it needed to have some cleaning and maintenance work.  He was advised that it was listed on the Parish Council’s Assets Register.  Councillor Tom Smith reported that Banbury Memorials might be able to complete work to the War Memorial.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  1. Red Lion – Councillor Robert Giles reported that the Fullers had not sold the site to a restauranteur and still wanted £400,000 which the Steering Group was unwilling to pay, given the poor state of the site.


Resolved that the report be noted.


vii)       Youth Club – The Youth Club age range would now be changed and would accommodate children from Year 7 up to age 16, in the hope of encouraging more members.  The last meeting would be on 14 July 2015 and it would re-open again during the second week in September 2015.


Resolved that the report be noted.




Warriner School – The Parish Council was advised by the Clerk that the delay to the widening of Bloxham Grove Road was due to the County Council and not Warriner School.  The County Council was making the majority of the financial contributions to the works and as the 6th form was now in its third year, OCC could possibly be in breach of its own planning consent.


Petrol Station – It was reported that the signage outside of the BP petrol station on the A361, was positioned in such a way, that it was obstructing the view for drivers as they were exiting the site.

It was agreed that the petrol station would be contacted and asked to re-position their signage.  Action TG


High Street Shops – The Clerk had received a telephone call from a resident complaining about the rubbish which was left outside the co-op and post office.  It was agreed that the shops be written to and asked not to store rubbish at the front of their premises.  The Clerk would also make contact with Environment Health on this matter, if necessary.  Action TG


Humber House – Councillor Tom Smith advised that he had spoken with Mr Blakey about cutting back his trees and hedges which overhung the footpath.  He had agreed to do so, but had also reported the issues he has having with rubbish and other items being thrown into his garden.  Further to this, it was suggested that the new Village Caretaker could undertake these tasks however permission from the land owner and the County Council would be needed before any work could be undertaken.  Action TG


Mobility around Bloxham – The Clerk had received an email from a resident reporting how difficult it was for those using mobility scooters to get around the village.  The resident had almost been involved in an accident where the footpaths were narrow and made worse by overhanging trees and bushes.  The Chairman advised that he would be going to visit the resident to discuss the matter further.   Action GM




              Resolved that it be noted that, future meeting dates for Bloxham Parish Council were as stated below.  They would all commence at 7.30pm (unless stated otherwise) in St Mary’s Parish Rooms, Bloxham, and reference should be made to the agenda prior to the meeting:


3 August 2015

7 September 2015

5 October 2015

2 November 2015

7 December 2015


(The meeting closed at 9.20pm)