Bloxham Parish Council Meeting - Monday 3 April 2017

at 7.30pm at St Mary's Parish Rooms, Bloxham

If you would like to view the minutes, please click on the link below.

Bloxham Parish Council Minutes – 7 December 2015




PRESENT:   Councillor Geoff Mollard (Chairman); Councillors Mary Groves, Patricia Hopkins, Stephen Phipps, Gloria Lester-Stevens, Nick Rayner, Sue Slater and Jenny Yates.


ALSO IN ATTENDANCE:  Theresa Goss (Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer), John Groves BNDP Co-ordinator, Gillian Roberts (Co-opted member of the Parish Council’s Environment Committee and Planning & Strategy Committee), County Councillor Kieron Mallon, District Councillors Christine Heath and Lynda Thirzie-Smart and two members of the public.


Also present were Members of the Jubilee Park Project Team; Mike Davy, Mike Morris, Ian Holroyd and Glyn Williams, Acting Chairman of the Jubilee Park Management Committee.


APOLOGIES:  Parish Councillor Robert Giles submitted his apologies because he had work commitments and these were accepted.  Councillor Andrew Taplin submitted his apologies because he was on holiday and these were accepted.


Councillor Tom Smith was not present.


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and reminded the Councillors and the public that recording of the meeting was permitted.  However, he asked that should anyone wish to record the proceedings, could they please advise the Parish Council so that this could be facilitated.


92/15     DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – There were no declarations of interest.


Resolved that the report be noted.


93/15     MINUTES – The minutes of the meeting held on 2 November and 17 November 2015 were taken as read and duly adopted and signed by the Chairman.


Resolved that the minutes be approved.




Minute Number 81/15 – Residents Issues – Councillor Gloria Lester-Stevens reported that a meeting had been arranged for 15 January 2016 at 7pm at Jubilee Hall for those interested in the village transport project.


Resolved that the report be noted.


95/15     REPORTS FROM COUNTY AND DISTRICT COUNCILLORS – Prior to the meeting, County District Councillor Lynda Thirzie-Smart and County Councillor Kieron Mallon had circulated their reports to the Parish Council.


District Councillor Christine Heath reported that Cherwell District Council’s (CDC) Planning Committee would be having a site visit to the Yeoman’s garage site (15/01090/F, The Bungalow, Cumberford Hill, Bloxham – Inglenook Properties) and it was being held at 2.45pm on Thursday 17 December 2015, immediately prior to the CDC Planning Committee meeting.


Councillors Jenny Yates and Sue Slater asked Councillor Heath to check on the progress of the site management plan with regard to the Miller Homes development on Tadmarton Road (14/01017/OUT).


Councillor Jenny Yates asked Councillor Heath to check with Caroline Ford and Linda Griffiths with regards to the Miller Homes development on Milton Road and the Bovis development on Barford Road.  Amongst other issues, there had been changes to the layouts and they were still not available the web site.


Councillor Gloria Lester-Stevens asked Councillor Lynda Thirzie-Smart if she would attend the Planning Committee on 17 December 2015 and support the Parish Council’s objection to the application at The Bungalow, Cumberford (15/01090/F).  Councillor Lynda Thirzie-Smart advised that she would try to attend the meeting, but it would normally be a working day for her.


Resolved that the reports be noted.


96/15     BUTTERFLY MEADOW CHILDREN’S CENTRE – Prior to the meeting, Councillors’ Mary Groves and Sue Slater had circulated a report following a meeting which she had attended with Councillor Sue Slater, with regard to the proposed closure of Butterfly Meadow Children’s Centre.


Councillor Kieron Mallon advised that the consultation as still on-going with regard to the closure of the children’s centres in the County.  He reminded the meeting that Butterfly Meadow was on the site of Bloxham Primary School and there had been a number of meetings held at the School to look at the universal provision of services, which included the statutory provisions and non-statutory provisions.  At the moment, it appeared that the funding of the non-statutory provisions would be withdrawn.


The Primary School was keen for the space to be used as effectively as possible and to see Butterfly Meadow become a local hub for the provision of services for children and young people from birth to 19 years old and would possibly seek support from the Parish Council in the form of a grant.  Butterfly Meadow had prepared a draft budget and had also identified the future costs of this project.


Councillor Mary Groves felt that there needed to be coordination in the village because there were different groups, providing a wide range of services and it made sense to pool resources when money was tight.


Councillor Mallon advised that there would be a meeting in the New Year and the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Parish Council would be invited to attend.


Councillor Jenny Yates asked how it’s funding fitted with the existing school funding.  Councillor Mallon advised that funding for the proposed Hub, would be separate to the school funding and would be a stand-alone facility.  He also suggested that the Parish Council could put some funds into its budget for 2016/2017.


A user of the Centre reported that Butterfly Meadow had been set up about 6 years ago.  It was a ‘stay and play’ and this was one of the non-statutory provisions having its funding withdrawn.  The Centre provided support for young and lone parents, as well as breast feeding support.  Parents stayed with their children during the day time sessions and more information was available on the Butterfly Meadow web site.


Councillor Gloria Lester–Stevens felt that there should be universal provision for children, but as there was an aging population, the County Council should not be cutting the funding for the elderly.  Their lunch clubs were being closed and the elderly desperately needed this support, as well as a safety net to ensure that they did not get into difficulties.


Councillor Mallon acknowledged that funding for the elderly was being cut, but unfortunately everything which was a non-statutory provision would be affected by the funding cuts and the County Council had to present a balanced budget in February 2016.


              Resolved that:


  • the report be noted; and
  • the Chairman and Vice-Chairman to attend a meeting in the New Year, with Councillor Mallon and representatives from Butterfly Meadow with regard to the proposed Hub. Action KMALLON


              District Councillor Chris Heath left the meeting at this point.


97/15     JUBILEE HALL – The Chairman reported that the Jubilee Park Project Team had been invited to the Parish Council meeting to discuss proposed future developments at Jubilee Park  and how this might or might not proceed.


There were two separate issues; one was the request for an extension to the car park and the other was the proposed future development of a new recreational facility at the Park.


There was a general discussion and the Chairman suggested that there should be a meeting in the New Year with all parties to discuss how the proposed new project could either move forward or be abandoned.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted; and
  • a meeting be arranged in the New Year with the Parish Council, JPMC, the Project Team and other interested parties, including the Football Club. Action TG


98/15     JUBILEE PARK MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (JPMC) – Prior to the meeting, Councillor Stephen Phipps had circulated a report to the Parish Council.  Councillor Phipps highlighted the request from the Committee for funds from the Parish Council for an extension to the Jubilee Park car park.


A formal request had been received from the Chair of the Jubilee Committee for finance of £13,000 or part finance of £8000 from the Parish Council, but after discussion it was decided to refer the matter to the Resources Committee for a recommendation to the Parish Council.


It was suggested that the Parish Council should look at all the potential sources of funding and agree whether or not to proceed with supporting the expansion of the Jubilee Park Hall car park, when relevant costs and schedule for the work were submitted at a future meeting of the Parish Council.


Councillor Sue Slater also reported that the Parish Council could not have two Councillors on the JPMC, therefore Councillor Slater would now be Parish Council’s representative.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted;
  • Councillor Sue Slater be the Parish Council’s representative on the JPMC; and
  • potential funding for the car park extension be investigated and it be discussed at a future meeting of the Parish Council. Action Resources Committee


99/15     RESIDENTS’ ISSUESThe Clerk reported on the three residents issues.


  1. No parking signs on grass verges – The Clerk reported on an anonymous letter had been received, asking the Parish Council to locate some ‘no parking’ signs in the grass verges in Gascoigne Way. The Chairman reported that some signs had already been printed and they needed to be assembled and then located around the village.  Councillor Nick Rayner volunteered to progress this matter.  Action NR


  1. Street Lamp – A request had been received from District Councillor Christine Heath for an additional street lamp in Schofields Way. The Clerk had been liaising with Alan Cockbill from the County Council and the cost of a new unit installed and connected would be £1264.53 +VAT.  In addition, there would be a one-off commuted sum charge of £425 +VAT towards ongoing maintenance and energy based on a nominal 30yr life. The Parish Council felt that at the current time, there was not the funds in the budget to be able to progress this request.  Action TG


  1. St Mary’s Church Spire Lights – John Clegg had emailed the Clerk to advise that the lights in spire needed to be repaired. This work had been completed and the Parish Council would be receiving the invoice in due course.  This had already been budgeted for.  Action TG


              Resolved that the reports be noted.


100/15   PLANNING


  1. A report on the planning applications considered by the Parish Council’s Planning Committee and the decisions made by Cherwell District Council had been circulated to the Parish Council prior to the meeting and could be accessed by Councillors in Dropbox.


                        Resolved that the planning applications and decisions be noted.


  1. Planning Matters – Councillor Sue Slater gave an update on the following planning applications:


  • 14/01017/OUT, Milton Road (Miller Homes) – Miller Homes would be erecting two advertising signs on Milton Road, but there would not be any signs on Barford Road. The Parish Council was also still pursuing the footpath on the outside of the boundary of the site on Milton Road as well as the play provision.


  • 14/01634/REM, Land to the rear and north of 29 to 33 Quarry Close, Bloxham (Miller Homes) – Building work would be starting in the New Year. A number of conditions had been cleared by CDC, but the Parish Council was still pursuing the Site Management Plan.


  • 14/00761/REM, Wellington Park, Barford Road (Bovis) – There was nothing new to report with regard to this application, although there were still concerns regarding the effectiveness of the disposal of sewage.


  • 15/01528/F, Church Street, Bloxham (Taylor Wimpey) – The developers and CDC were still discussing what conditions might or might not be permitted, however the application would probably be submitted to CDC’s Planning Committee in January 2016.


  • 15/01090/F, The Bungalow, Cumberford Hill, Bloxham (Inglenook Properties) – Cherwell District Council’s Planning Committee would be visiting the site prior to its meeting on Thursday 17 December 2015.


Resolved that the reports be noted.


The Chairman thanked Councillor Sue Slater for her reports.


101/15   BLOXHAM NEIGHBOURHOOD DEVELOPMENT PLAN (BNDP) – John Groves reported that the Plan had been published by CDC and it was available on their web site.  CDC had produced a consultation response sheet for those wishing to comment, however it was quite complicated.  Therefore, John would be using £800 of grant funding to print and circulate some guidance to inform residents wishing to be involved in BNDP consultation.


It was confirmed that those wishing to comment could do so by writing to CDC, however they must clearly state their name, address and which policies they would be commenting on.


John Groves was thanked for all his work on the Plan.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted;
  • the printing of the guidance notes be approved using the grant funding; and Action JG
  • contact be made with CDC about completion of the request to select an Examiner. Action JY/JG




  1. Co-option to Vacancy – Prior to the meeting, an application for co-option from Gillian Robert had been received and circulated to the Parish Council.


Resolved that the Gillian Robert be co-opted onto the Parish Council.  Action TG


  1. Committee Minutes and Recommendations.


  • Environment Committee – Prior to the meeting, the minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 19 November 2015 had been circulated to the Parish Council.


Resolved that:


  1. the minutes be noted;
  2. the dog warden should concentrate on monitoring the Recreation Ground and Jubilee Park;
  3. the new country park (part of the Miller Homes development on Tadmarton Road) should be a dog free area;
  4. further communication with village dog owners stressing the number of complaints which had been received from residents and the need for the Parish Council to take action;
  5. Treetech be instructed to review and update the Sacha Barnes Tree Survey and to carry out the necessary tree maintenance work; and
  6. Homelands to work for the parish Council on a self-employed basis.


  • Resources Committee – The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 25 November 2015 had been circulated to the Parish Council.


                                 Resolved that the minutes be noted.


  • Planning and Strategy Committee – Prior to the meeting, the minutes of the meetings held on 17 & 24 November 2015 had been circulated to the Parish Council.


Resolved that the minutes be noted.


  • Drop-in and Chat – The Chairman reported that one person had attended the last session and they were making a complaint about the erection of the fence in Brickle Lane which they believed required planning permission. The Clerk would be following this up with Cherwell District Council.


The next drop-in and chat session was being held as follows:


Saturday 12 December 2015 (including exhibition for design briefs for play areas) – Councillors Jenny Yates, Sue Slater and Geoff Mollard.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  1. Parish Liaison Meeting – Councillor Jenny Yates reported that she and Councillor Slater had attended CDC’s Parish Liaison Meeting and that it had been an informative meeting, further details on the matters which had been covered, were available on the CDC web site.


Resolved that the report be noted.


103/15   FINANCE


  1. Accounts for Payment – The Clerk submitted to the Parish Council, the accounts to be paid.


Resolved that:


  • the following accounts be approved for payment:


Payments Amount ChequeNo.
Theresa Goss – Salary for December 2015 £632.39 944
Theresa Goss – Expenses for December 2015 £35.23 944
Theresa Goss – Salary correction from July 2015 £75.72 944
Katherine Mills – Salary for November 2015 £180.60 945
HMRC Payment for November 2015 £250.25 946
Oxfordshire County Council Pension Fund – Clerks Pension £189.90 947
Geoff Mollard – Batteries for Christmas lights £29.99 948
Geoff Mollard – Christmas Lights £278.46 948
Geoff Mollard – Projector table £39.99 948
Bloxham Mill Ltd – Room Hire £81.00 949
John Groves – Toner cartridge £120.69 950
Blinkhorns – Projector equipment £810.00 951
P Booth – Repairs to container £543.01 952
1st Site Homes and interiors Ltd – Works toswings at Jubilee Park £223.20 953
St Mary’s Parish Rooms – Room Hire £20.00 954
Geoff Mollard – Circular Walk Signs £27.53 948
Nigel Prickett – Grass Cutting for October 2015 £774.00 955


  • the following payment which had made since the last meeting be noted and approved:


Payments Amount Cheque No.
Marie Jones – First Aid Kits 25.60 943



  1. Bank Reconciliation – Prior to the meeting, the Clerk had circulated the bank reconciliation as at 7 December 2015 for the Bank of Ireland bank accounts.


Resolved that the bank reconciliation be noted.


  • Budget and Precept for 2016/2017 – Prior to the meeting a draft budget for 2016/2017 had been circulated to the Parish Council. The Resources Committee had recommended a budget and precept figure to the Parish Council, but in view of the current climate of cuts to services that could affect the village, members felt it prudent to wait until more information was available.


Resolved that the budget and the setting of the precept for 2016/2017 be deferred to the February 2016 meeting of the Parish Council.  Action TG




  1. Play Provision – Councillor Jenny Yates reported that quotes from four different companies had been received and an exhibition was being held on Saturday 12 December 2015 from 10.00am to 1130am at the Ex-Serviceman’s Hall to enable residents to attend and have a look at the plans.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  1. ii) Old Bridge Road, Bloxham – The Chairman reported on the meeting which had been held earlier that day with County Council Officers. Councillor Jenny Yates had also attended the meeting.


A number of action points had been agreed and these would be shared with the Parish Council when the Clerk had received a full report from Will Pedley at the County Council.


Resolved that the report be noted.


iii)      First Aid Courses – Due to the lateness of the hour, this item was deferred.


Resolved that this item be deferred to the next meeting of the Parish Council.  Action TG


  1. Local Heritage Assets (LHA) – Councillor Sue Slater reported that she had met with an officer from CDC to discuss the Red Lion Gardens being designated as a LHA. However it had been confirmed that the Red Lion Gardens could not be established as a LHA in its own right.


Although even if the Gardens could be designated as a LHA, it would be a material planning consideration but not grounds for refusal of a planning application just on that basis.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  1. Annual Parish Meeting 2016 – The Clerk reminded the Parish Council that the Annual Parish meeting was being held on Thursday 14 April 2016 at Jubilee Hall. The topics to be discussed at the meeting would be agreed at a future meeting.


Resolved that this item be deferred to the next meeting of the Parish Council.  Action TG


  1. Street Naming – The Clerk reported that she had received a request from a resident for the name Gibbard to be used on the new developments.


However the Parish Council felt that new roads in the village should continue to be named using those names which were on the War Memorial from WW1, as it had been the centenary year.  Once all names on the War Memorial had all been allocated, then the Parish Council would look at collating a new list of other suggestions.


Resolved that new roads in the village continue to be named using those names which were on the War Memorial from WW1 and a new list would be started once the names had run out.


  • Bloxham School – Councillor Jenny Yates reported on the meeting which had been held with Bloxham School on Monday 30 November 2015. Prior to the meeting, the actions from the previous meeting in September 2014 had been updated and circulated to the Parish Council by Councillor Phipps.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  1. Circular Walk – The Chairman reported that the Walk was now open and had proved to be very popular. Further information on the Walk could be found on the Parish Council web site.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  • Notice Boards – Prior to the meeting the Clerk had obtained a quote from Arien Signs for a new noticeboard to replace the damaged wooden board outside of the Ex-Serviceman’s Hall.


The Chairman advised that three new boards in the village might need to be replaced. The Chairman would examine all three boards.


The Parish Council also wished to establish the ownership of the notice board on the corner of the A361 and Little Bridge Road and residents would be asked for information via the notes of the meeting in the Broad Sheet.


Resolved that three new noticeboards if required be purchased.  Action TG/GM


  1. Land at Queen Street – Councillor Jenny Yates advised that the Parish Council wished to investigate further, the issues with regard to the ownership of the land in Queen Street and that it might be a task for the Parish Council’s Planning Committee.


Resolved that this item be deferred to the Parish Council’s Planning Committee.  Action KM


  1. Village Groups – Councillor Mary Groves reported that a Bloxfest meeting was being held that evening and she would provide a full report at the next meeting of the Parish Council.


With regard to the Slade, prior to the meeting Councillor Stephen Phipps had circulated a report detailing the work which had been undertaken and the cash flow breakdown would follow.

It was also mentioned that the availability of the TOE2 funding may be extended to October 2016.


Resolved that the reports be noted.


xiii)    Youth Club – The Clerk advised that she did not have a report from the Youth Club.


Resolved that the report be noted.


105/15   CORRESPONDENCE – There were no items of correspondence to be circulated to the Parish Council.




              Resolved that in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, the public and press be excluded from the meeting for the minute numbered 107/15 on the grounds that it could involve the likely disclosure of private and confidential information which was not in the public domain.


107/15   SALARY REVIEW – The Parish Council completed the annual review of the salaries for the Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer and the Assistant Administration Officer.


              Resolved that:


  • the Administrative Assistant to be offered a contract for 15 hours per month; and Action TG
  • the future salaries for 2016/2017 for both the Clerk and the Administrative Assistant reflect any increase proposed by NALC.




              Resolved that it be noted that, future meeting dates for Bloxham Parish Council were as stated below.  They would all commence at 7.30pm (unless stated otherwise) in St Mary’s Parish Rooms, Bloxham, and reference should be made to the agenda prior to the meeting:


4 January 2016

1 February 2016

7 March 2016

4 April 2016

14 April 2016 (Annual Parish Meeting at Jubilee Hall)

9 May 2016


109/15   Items for the Next Agenda


  1. First Aid Courses
  2. Extension to Jubilee Hall car park
  3. Annual Parish Meeting 2016





(The meeting closed at 10.45pm)