Bloxham Parish Council Meeting - Monday 3 April 2017

at 7.30pm at St Mary's Parish Rooms, Bloxham

If you would like to download the pdf of the minutes please click below.

Bloxham Parish Council Minutes 4 January 2016




PRESENT:   Councillors Mary Groves, Patricia Hopkins, Stephen Phipps, Gloria Lester-Stevens, Nick Rayner, Gillian Roberts, Sue Slater, Andrew Taplin and Jenny Yates.


ALSO IN ATTENDANCE:  Theresa Goss (Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer), John Groves BNDP Co-ordinator, District Councillor Christine Heath, County Councillor Kieron Mallon and one member of the public.


APOLOGIES:  Councillor Geoff Mollard submitted his apologies because he was unwell and these were accepted.  Councillor Tom Smith submitted his apologies because he was at work and these were accepted.

District Councillor Lynda Thirzie-Smart also submitted her apologies.


In the absence of Councillor Geoff Mollard, the Vice-Chairman, Councillor Jenny Yates chaired the meeting.


The Vice-Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and reminded the Councillors and the public that recording of the meeting was permitted.  However, she asked that should anyone wish to record the proceedings, could they please advise the Parish Council so that this could be facilitated.


110/15   DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – There were no declarations of interest.


Resolved that the report be noted.


111/15   MINUTES – The minutes of the meeting held on 7 December 2015 were taken as read and duly adopted and signed by the Chairman.


With regard to minute number 97/15, Jubilee Park Management Committee, Councillor Stephen Phipps asked for an amendment to the minute.  However, the inclusion he was requesting was viewed by fellow Councillors as a statement which had not been made at the previous meeting therefore, the proposal to amend the minutes did not find a seconder.


With regard to minute number 98/15, Councillor Stephen Phipps asked for an amendment to this minute and the amendment was agreed by Councillors, for clarity.


The second and third paragraphs were deleted and replaced as follows:


‘A formal request had been received from the Chair of the Jubilee Committee for finance of £13,000 or part finance of £8000 from the Parish Council, but after discussion it was decided to refer the matter to the Resources Committee for a recommendation to the Parish Council.’


Councillor Phipps also felt that written reports should have the contents summarised in the minutes rather than just being noted. He felt that the contents were otherwise not in the public domain and the verbal reports were minuted more fully.


Councillor Jenny Yates also asked that the minutes and Reports of the JPMC meeting, be made available on the Jubilee Park web site and Councillor Phipps agreed to action this.  Action SP


Resolved that the minutes be approved with the amendment above.  Action TG




Minute Number 96/15 – Butterfly Meadow – The Clerk reported that she had emailed County Councillor Kieron Mallon about the meeting with the Head of Bloxham Primary School and representative from Butterfly Meadow, but had not yet had a reply.  The Clerk agreed to contact the Head Teacher directly.  Action TG


Minute Number 99/15 (i) – No Parking Signs – Councillor Nick Rayner agreed to arrange for these to be put in around the village, once he was given the signs. Action NR/GM


Minute Number 102/15 – Tree Survey – The Clerk confirmed that she had not yet contacted Treetech about updating the tree survey.  She would speak to the Chairman first and then arrange for the work to commence.  Action TG


Christmas Tree Lights – Councillor Nick Rayner reported that rather than removing all of the lights from the trees, the battery boxes would be located further up the trees and then they could be left in place until next year. However, some of them would need to be removed from a few specific trees.  John Wyatt would be taking down the tree in the centre of the village and he would be asked to remove the lights on it too. Action NR/TG/GM


Resolved that the reports be noted.


113/15   RESIDENTS’ ISSUES – Councillor Gloria Lester-Stevens reported that the ditches in Tadmarton Road had overflowed over the Christmas period and residents had concerns about impact on their properties from the Miller Homes development.


Councillor Lester-Stevens also reminded Councillors that there was a meeting on 15 January 2016 at 7pm at Jubilee Hall about the shared village transport proposal.  The Clerk was asked to produce a poster to be displayed in the Parish Council noticeboards in the village. Action TG/KM


              Councillor Jenny Yates suggested that Nick King from Village Networks might be able to assist with this project.  The Clerk agreed to send his contact details to Councillor Lester-Stevens. Action TG


              Resolved that the reports be noted.


114/15   REPORTS FROM COUNTY AND DISTRICT COUNCILLORS – Prior to the meeting, District Councillor Lynda Thirzie-Smart and County Councillor Kieron Mallon had circulated their reports to the Parish Council.


District Councillor Christine Heath reported that Cherwell District Council’s (CDC) Executive was considering the Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) that evening and there was now a housing land supply of 5.6 years in Cherwell from 2016-2021.


Councillor Jenny Yates also reported that CDC’s Executive was considering the Consultation on Local Plan Part 2.


Resolved that the reports be noted.


115/15   PLANNING


  1. A report on the planning applications considered by the Parish Council’s Planning Committee and the decisions made by Cherwell District Council had been circulated to the Parish Council prior to the meeting and could be accessed by Councillors in Dropbox.


Minutes of the Planning Committee meetings were available on the Parish Council web site and all comments on Planning Applications by the Council were also available to view on CDC’s planning portal.


                        Resolved that the planning applications and decisions be noted.


  1. Planning Matters – Councillor Sue Slater gave an update on the following planning applications:


  • 14/01017/OUT, Milton Road (Miller Homes) – Discussions were continuing with Linda Griffiths, Planning Officer, about various issues relating to this application including the footpath which ran alongside the estate and some of their designs. Councillor Sue Slater had spoken to Linda, but little progress had been made with the footpath.  Geoff Barrell at the County Council had commented that he thought the footpath on the inside of the development was a good idea.


Linda Griffiths was liaising with the developer to build some stone houses on the frontage, but Miller Homes was not being very co-operative and did not want to change houses to stone from red brick.


  • 14/01634/REM, Land to the rear and north of 29 to 33 Quarry Close, Bloxham (Miller Homes) – The conditions on this application were currently being discharged and they included the Site Management Plan, narrowing of the Tadmarton Road, a new VAS and the gateway arrangements. The Parish Council had already advised Nat Stock, Planning Officer at CDC of its comments on these matters and he would be back in touch shortly.  It was highlighted that the Parish Council had asked for planters at the entrances to the village, rather than gateways.


  • 14/00761/REM, Wellington Park, Barford Road (Bovis) – Areas of the Bovis site were currently under water due to the heavy rainfall, drainage issues on the site had been reported to the County Council by Councillor Mary Groves. Cherwell District Council (CDC) had been contacted about the new layout showing the footpath.  Bovis had sent this plan to CDC but it was not on their web site.


  • 15/01528/F, Church Street, Bloxham (Taylor Wimpey) – This application would possibly be considered at CDC’s Planning Committee in January, but it hadn’t been confirmed as yet. Councillor Jenny Yates reported that Taylor Wimpey had submitted their own education report and as part of that report, they had proposed constructing an all-weather pitch for the Primary School.  However, this still did not address the issues relating to the lack of school places.


  • 15/00908/F, 30 Brookside Way, Bloxham (Taylor Williams Developments Ltd) – This application had been granted with a number of conditions, mostly relating to there being no building beyond the agreed curtilage. This condition would need to be monitored by CDC to ensure that it was adhered to.


  • 15/01090/F, The Bungalow, Cumberford Hill, Bloxham (Inglenook Properties) – This application had been granted by CDC’s Planning Committee.


Councillor Jenny Yates reported that there was a high number of conditions attached to the approval for this application and these needed to be closely monitored to ensure that they were carried out.  Councillor Yates suggested that the DCLG should be contacted and asked for clarification on what they considered to be an appropriate number of conditions being applied to a planning permission to make it viable and how they should be monitored.


  • Bloxham Grove Road Lay-by – The new sixth form at Warriner School should not have opened until a lay-by had been constructed in Bloxham Grove Road. County Council officers were still looking into this and would update the Parish Council in due course.


Resolved that:


  • the reports be noted; and
  • the Planning Committee to discuss submitting to the DCLG or the Government’s appropriate Select Committee, a general enquiry asking for clarification on what they considered to be an appropriate number of conditions being applied to a planning permission to make it viable and how those conditions should be monitored. Action TG/Planning Committee


The Vice-Chairman thanked Councillor Sue Slater for her reports.


116/15   BLOXHAM NEIGHBOURHOOD DEVELOPMENT PLAN (BNDP) – John Groves reported that the BNDP was now out for consultation but so far, there had been minimal response from the village.  All the consultation Information was also available on the BNDP web site.


Leaflets had been printed ready for distribution, but due to the late delivery of the leaflets to John over the Christmas period.  John recommended that people who had previously commented on the Plan, be contacted directly by email to inform them of the new consultation.


John advised that there was a meeting about the BDNP the following day and the leaflets would be delivered.


Councillor Jenny Yates also reported that she had contacted Shukri Masseri with regard to the choice of examiner following the consultation period.


John Groves was thanked for all his work on the Plan.


Resolved that the report be noted.




  1. Co-option to Parish Council Vacancy – There had not yet been any applications for the vacancy and the Clerk would advertise the vacancy around the village.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  1. Committee Minutes and Recommendations.


  • Environment Committee – There had not been a meeting of the Committee since the last meeting of the Parish Council.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  • Resources Committee – There had not been a meeting of the Resources Committee since the last meeting of the Parish Council. The next meeting would be on 14 January 2016.


                                 Resolved that the report be noted.


  • Planning and Strategy Committee – Prior to the meeting, the minutes of the meetings held on 15 December had been circulated to the Parish Council.


Resolved that the minutes be noted.


  • Drop-in and Chat – The last session had been held on 12 December 2015 and the following issues had been highlighted:


  1. Possibility of lighting improvements along Barford Road – Additional lighting had been discussed previously and it was too expensive and there were no Parish Council funds. However the County Council would be asked if funds were available from Section 106 monies.


  1. Speed reduction along the Bridge section of Barford Road and pedestrians were splashed due to water not draining away, which resulted in puddles – The Clerk would report the drainage issues to the County Council Drainage Team and a request would be made to the County Council, for use of Section 106 funds for speed reduction measures.


  1. More effective parking on land outside of the Post Office, Kitchen Shop and Barbers. Occasionally cars were parked in a manner that prevented pedestrians from passing along the footpath safely – The Parish Council had tried to address this issue a number of times previously as had the County Councillor at the last drop in and chat: however as it was privately owned land, the Parish Council could not take any further action.


  1. The possibility of a sensor light located on the corner of the Museum to illuminate the lane leading to the Parish Rooms – Parish Council felt that this was a good idea and would ask the Parish Rooms Committee and the Museum if they would agree to this.


  1. Car parking on Stone Hill; residents had asked if businesses based at the Old Bank would create extra parking within their grounds – The Parish Council discussed this matter but again, it had tried to tackle this issue previously and had not made any progress.


  1. Old Bridge Road; in future when any proposed changes were to be discussed it was requested that all residents, as well as businesses with a property in the vicinity, be involved in the discussions – The Parish Council agreed to action this when it had received information from the County Council on the project.


The next drop-in and chat sessions were being held at the Ex-Serviceman’s Hall, Bloxham from 1030am to 1130am on the following dates:


Saturday 9 January 2016 – Councillors Gillian Roberts and Nick Rayner

Saturday 13 February 2016 – Councillors Mary Groves and Tom Smith


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted;
  • the County Council be asked to investigate the use of Section 106 funds for an additional street light on Barford Road due to the increase in houses and pedestrians; Action TG
  • OCC be asked about speed reduction measures on Barford Road from Section 106 funds; Action TG
  • the drainage issues on Barford Road be reported to Gordon Kelman at the County Council; and Action TG
  • Parish Rooms Committee & Museum be asked about installing a sensor light. Action TG


  1. Jubilee Park Management Committee (JPMC) – Councillor Stephen Phipps reported that there was no further update at the moment and the Committee was waiting for the Resources Committee to discuss the proposed extension to the Jubilee Park car park at its meeting on 14 January 2016. There was also a joint meeting of the JPMC, Jubilee Park Project Group and the Parish Council on 28 January 2016.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  1. Parish Council Representative on the Parish Transport Representatives (PTR) Meeting – The Parish Council discussed this appointment and it was suggested that rather than a representative being appointed, Councillors would attend the meetings in rotation.


Resolved that no appointment be made to the PTR and Councillors to attend the meetings on rotation basis.  Action TG


118/15   FINANCE


  1. Accounts for Payment – The Clerk submitted to the Parish Council, the accounts to be paid.


Resolved that the following accounts be approved for payment:


Payments Amount Cheque No.
Theresa Goss – Salary for January 2016 £632.39 956
Theresa Goss – Expenses for January 2016 £25.14 956
Katherine Mills – Salary for December 2015 £121.91 957
HMRC Payment for January 2016 £250.25 958
Oxfordshire County Council Pension Fund – Clerks Pension £189.90 959
John Groves – Leaflets and Flyers for BNDP £98.00 960
David J Andrews (Electrical) – Church spire projector floodlighting £231.48 961
Kisley Electrical Services – Works at Jubilee Hall

(to be funded from Section 106 money or the

Jubilee Park Management Committee funds)

£1145.30 962


  1. Bank Reconciliation – Prior to the meeting, the Clerk had circulated the bank reconciliation as at 4 January 2016 for the Bank of Ireland bank accounts.


Resolved that the bank reconciliation be noted.




  1. Play Provision – Councillor Jenny Yates reported that there was a meeting on 6 January 2016 to go through the comments from the residents which had been received at the drop-in and chat session on 12 December 2016. It was suggested that the plans should be made available on-line to encourage more people to make comments on the proposals.


Once the plans were on-line, the Parish Council would highlight to the Warriner School, the Primary School and the Pre-School that with the Recreation Ground Trustees, and the Jubilee Park Management Committee, it was installing new equipment and would request that the children be encouraged to make comments.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted;
  • the plans be made available on-line; and
  • the plans be highlighted to the schools in the village and also the Pre-School. Action TG


  • Old Bridge Road, Bloxham – Prior to the meeting, a report had been circulated to the Parish Council.


The County Council’s Bridges Team was currently designing a retaining wall repair scheme in this financial year, with a view to construction in 2016/2017.  However this was part of the draft Highways and Maintenance Programme (HAMP), which required sign off by County Councillors and the costs could prove prohibitive. In addition, even if the HAMP was signed off, other schemes may come forward as priorities for the funding, thereby further delaying this work.  The Parish Council would be updated by the County Council in due course.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  1. Crossing at A361/Strawberry Terrace – Councillor Jenny Yates reported that the County Council was looking into the potential crossing and the Parish Council would be updated in due course.


                        Resolved that the report be noted.


  1. First Aid Courses – Councillor Jenny Yates reported the courses had been very popular and the Resources Committee should be asked whether the Parish Council could budget for additional courses in 2016/2017.


Resolved that this item be deferred to the Resources Committee.  Action TG


  1. Annual Parish Meeting (APM) 2016 – Councillor Jenny Yates reported the APM was being held on 14 April 2016. It was suggested that items for inclusion at the meeting be:


  • the budget;
  • village organisations;
  • projects which the Parish Council had been involved with;
  • Parish Council achievements over the last 12 months; and
  • Bloxham Neighbourhood Development Plan.


Resolved that Councillor Nick Raynor to arrange a meeting in mid-February to agree the content of the presentations to be made to the APM.  Action NR


  • The Slade – Councillor Stephen Phipps reported that the last work party had been deferred due to the weather, but would be meeting shortly. Councillor Phipps advised that the two volunteers, Wardens, Marie Jones and David Yates, would be attending a chainsaw course which would cost £580 each plus VAT and £180 each for the assessments.  This expenditure had already been budgeted for by the Parish Council.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted: and
  • the expenditure for the chainsaw course and the assessments be approved. Action SP/TG


  • Village Groups – Councillor Gloria Lester-Stevens reported that Dial-a-Ride was picking up people for the Thursday Club and this temporary arrangement was working well at the moment.


The Club would need to ask the Parish Council PC for another grant if the County Council grant funding was being withdrawn. There was a meeting of the Management Committee on 15 January 2016 to discuss the future of the lunch club.


Councillor Mary Groves reported that owing to a number of resignations from the Bloxfest Committee, new volunteers would be required to secure an ongoing festival.  The future and nature of Bloxfest was, therefore, currently under discussion and any ideas, views or new volunteers would be gratefully received.  A meeting of the outgoing Committee would be held on Monday 11 January 2016, after which more details would be available.


Resolved that the reports be noted.

  1. Youth Club – Prior to the meeting, the Parish Council received a report on the Youth Club.

They currently had nine boys on the books since they had lowered the age range.  This meant the Youth Club would need to look for more helpers, if the numbers were to carry on growing.  The room got quite full with them all using the various pieces of equipment.

The Youth Club were also going to look at purchasing some more games tables in the new year, a screen to create a private area with a sofa and also booking some activities through Oxfordshire Youth, such as graffiti art and horror make overs, as well as other ideas which  Sarah Bradford & Alison Bentley were going to try out.

It was suggested that Alison and Sarah could meet with Lisa Boot from Warriner Partnership to discuss how the Youth Club and the Warriner Partnership services could work together.


Councillor Mallon also suggested that the Youth Club could be part of the proposals at Butterfly Meadow and discussions could be held with Matthew Ingalls, Head Teacher at Bloxham Primary School, about how this could be progressed.


The Clerk would be contacting Matthew Ingalls for a meeting about the Butterfly Meadow proposals and it was hoped that the meeting would be held on Tuesday 12 January 2016 and Councillors Sue Slater and Jenny Yates would be attending.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted;
  • Alison Bentley and Sarah Bradford be advised to contact Lisa Boot from Warriner Partnership to discuss how the Youth Club and the Warriner Partnership services could work together; and
  • Contact be made with Matthew Ingalls about a meeting on Tuesday 12 January 2016 to discuss the future provision of services at Butterfly Meadow. Action TG


120/15   CORRESPONDENCE – A copy of Countryside Voice was circulated to the Parish Council.


The Parish Council had also received an email from Katharine House Hospice with regard to their celebrations for their 25th anniversary.  The Clerk was asked to invite their representative along to the Parish Council meeting in June 2016 and also advise the Hospice that the grants for the financial year 2016/2017 had already been allocated.  The Clerk would also display their promotional material, where possible, in the Parish Council noticeboards.  Action TG




              Resolved that it be noted that, future meeting dates for Bloxham Parish Council were as stated below.  They would all commence at 7.30pm (unless stated otherwise) in St Mary’s Parish Rooms, Bloxham, and reference should be made to the agenda prior to the meeting:


1 February 2016

7 March 2016

4 April 2016

14 April 2016 (Annual Parish Meeting at Jubilee Hall)

9 May 2016


122/15   Items for the Next Agenda


  1. Local Heritage Assets
  2. Butterfly Meadow Children’s Centre
  3. The Queen’s 90th Birthday celebrations





(The meeting closed at 9.35pm)