Bloxham Parish Council Meeting - Monday 3 April 2017

at 7.30pm at St Mary's Parish Rooms, Bloxham

If you would like to download the pdf of the agenda, please click below.

Bloxham Parish Council Agenda 5 September 2016



1. Welcome – To welcome the Councillors and the public to the meeting.  7:45pm


2. Apologies for absence – To receive any apologies for absence from the meeting. 7:45pm


3. Declarations of Interest – Members are asked to declare any interest and the nature of that interest, which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting.


Advice on declarations of interest should be sought from the Clerk prior to the meeting, as advice cannot be given to Councillors at Parish Council meetings.

7:45pm – 7:50pm


4. Minutes – To confirm the minutes of the meetings held 1 & 23 August 2016.  (Attached)

7:50pm – 7:55pm


5. Matters Arising – To discuss any issues arising from the minutes of 1 & 23 August 2016.

7:55pm – 8:00pm


6. Residents’ Issues – Residents of the village are invited to raise any items which concern the Parish.

8:00pm – 8:10pm


7. Reports from County and District Councillors – To receive reports from the Bloxham County Councillor and District Councillors.

8:10pm – 8:20pm




8. Planning


i)         To discuss any planning items, not covered within the minutes of the Planning Committee (item 9ii).


ii)        Flooding/Water & Drainage Issues – To receive an update on the flooding/water & drainage issue in Bloxham.


iii)       Bloxham Neighbourhood Development Plan (BNDP) – To discuss the action to be taken following the decision by Cherwell District Council’s Executive on 5 September 2016.

8:20pm – 8:30pm


9. Parish Council Matters


i)             Agendas/Minutes/Broadsheet Report – To note the changes to the format of the agenda, minutes and information reported in the Broadsheet as follows:


·       to avoid duplication, the Parish Council agenda will no longer include items which have been discussed at a Committee, as these details will be within the Committee minutes. Please could Councillors read the minutes of the Committee meetings, prior to the Parish Council meeting;

·       reports which are purely for information only, will be circulated to the Parish Council by email and not listed on the agenda.  Parish Council meetings are for decisions to be made, not for noting items where no action is required;

·       the above two actions will free up time at the Parish Council meetings for strategic items which need to be discussed and addressed;

·       minutes will have a limited pre-amble as the main purpose of minutes is to record decisions, not discussions; and

·       the reports for the Broadsheet will not only contain the decisions made at the Parish Council meetings, they will now include more information about the actions of Committees and individual Councillors.  Councillors are asked to advise the Clerk on any tasks or activities they undertake as part of their role, for inclusion in this monthly report.  This report will then give the village more of a feel of the broad role of a Councillor and how much work and effort Councillors put into the village, on a voluntary basis, which mainly goes un-noticed.


ii)            Committee Minutes and Recommendations.  If Councillors have any queries on the minutes and decisions of the Committees, please contact the Clerk prior to the Parish Council meeting.


·            Environment Committee – To note the minutes and consider the recommendations of the meeting held on 23 August 2016.   (To follow)


·            Resources Committee – To note the minutes and consider the recommendations of the meeting held on 10 August 2016.   (To follow)


·            Planning & Strategy Committee – To note the minutes of the meetings held on 9 & 25 August 2016. (To follow)


·            Staffing Committee – To note the minutes and consider the recommendations of the meeting held on 24 August 2016.   (To follow and be discussed under item 14)


iii)           Review of Future Options for Local Government – To discuss the impact on the Parish Council following the two studies on the future of Local Government


iv)          Ellen Hinde Hall – To consider a request that the Parish Council applies for a Certificate of Lawfulness for work at the Hall so that no costs are incurred in the application process.

8:30pm – 8:50pm


  10. Finance – To approve the accounts for payment (To follow)

8:50pm – 8:55pm


11. Village Matters


i)       ‘Hands off Our Horton’ – To discuss how the Parish Council could support the campaign.

8:55pm – 9:10pm                                                                         


 12. Correspondence – Items of correspondence will be circulated to members.  9:10pm


13. Public and Press – To consider passing a resolution in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, that the public and press be excluded from the meeting for item numbered 14 on the grounds that it could involve the likely disclosure of private and confidential information.  9:10pm


14. Staffing – To consider the recommendations of the Staffing Committee relating to the posts of Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer and the Administration Assistant. 9:10pm – 9:20pm


15. Meeting Dates – Future meeting dates for Bloxham Parish Council are stated below.

They will commence at 7.30pm in St Mary’s Parish Rooms, Bloxham, unless stated


·       3 October 2016

·       7 November 2016

·       5 December 2016

·       9 January 2017



16. Items for the Next Agenda/Items of Information 9:20pm



Parish Council ‘Drop-in and Chat’ Sessions are held on second Saturday of the month, at the Ex-Serviceman’s Hall from 10.30am to 11.30am.  Residents are invited along to meet their Parish Councillors and discuss any items affecting the village.


All reports and minutes are available on the Parish Council website