Bloxham Parish Council Meeting - Monday 3 April 2017

at 7.30pm at St Mary's Parish Rooms, Bloxham

If you would like to download the pdf of the minutes, please click below:

Bloxham Parish Council Minutes 1 August 2016




PRESENT:   Chairman, Councillor Jenny Yates; Councillors, Mary Groves, Mike Hawtin, Gloria Lester-Stevens, Nick Raynor, Stephen Phipps


ALSO IN ATTENDANCE:  District Councillor Mike Bishop, District Councillor Heath and County Councillor Keiron Mallon


APOLOGIES:  Parish Councillor, Andrew Taplin, Steve Craggs, Gillian Roberts, Sue Slater

Theresa Goss (Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer),


Not in attendance: Tom Smith

The Clerk was unable to attend due sickness


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and reminded the Councillors and the public that recording of the meeting was permitted.  However, she asked that should anyone wish to record the proceedings, could they please advise the Parish Council so that this could be facilitated.


45/16   DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – It was noted that Councillor Phipps is on the committee for the Jubilee Hall relevant to item 53/16.


Members were reminded that advice on declarations of interest should be sought from the Clerk prior to the meeting, as advice could not be given to Councillors at Parish Council meetings.


Resolved that the report should be noted


46/16   MINUTES – The minutes of the meeting held on 4 July 2016 were taken as read and duly adopted and signed by the Chairman


Resolved: that the minutes of the meeting be approved.

Proposed by Councillors Mike Hawtin

Seconded Councillor Gloria Lester Stevens




Item 35/16


  • Councillor Stephen Phipps questioned the decision made by the Council to follow the advice given by Rebecca Fishwick not to place notices on vehicles but rather to take a note of the car number and ring the police.








Following a discussion it was agreed that PC members would be in a vulnerable situation were notices left on cars which might anger the owners and that consequently the advice from the Police should be followed. 


  • Update on DBS checks for volunteers


These had now been carried out for the Slade Assistant Warden and Keith Bennett


  • Proposed Right of Way, Queens Street


Mrs Moyses has been informed of the update from OCC.   There is some confusion regarding contacting the electricity board which can be clarified on the Clerk’s return.


Item 39/16


  1. a) A query was raised by Councillor Stephen Phipps concerning the appointment of additional people who are not Parish Councillors onto committees.

Councillor Stephen Phipps felt there should be a written record of who is being appointed and with clear terms of reference.  He felt that as a matter of principle, individuals should explain their interest.  The Chairman reminded the Council that the individual Committees had previously been asked to consider this aspect.



That as a first principle the Committees of the Parish Council should propose individuals, who would be non-voting members of the committee, explaining their interest or expertise and at that this proposal should be brought to PC meeting to be agreed

Proposed Councillor Nick Raynor

Seconded by Councillor Stephen Phipps




  1. b) Councillor Mary Groves had asked if the signage could be reviewed on the Circular walk to make the

path clearer near a field of rapeseed. A further update was sent by Councillor Steve Craggs as follows:-


The land agent has apologized and gave the cause as the fact that rapeseeds are tiny and blow easily. The farmer had intended to leave a gap but it had been filled by errant seeds. It will be harvested next month and then, when reseeding, the farmer will once again pay special attention to the path. Also, the next crop is probably going to be wheat and this is much shorter anyway so should be less troublesome even if it does spread.


  1. c) The consultation on unitary authorities is on hold


Item 41/16

  • Clarification was sought concerning the proposed one way system on Old Bridge Road.


            It was confirmed that this would be a priority system allowing traffic to pass both ways along Old Bridge Road.



  • John Wyatt was in attendance and confirmed that he is going to apply for an additional poly tunnel at his centre on Ells Lane and that he will be as considerate as possible concerning the visual appearance. He would not do anything with which the Parish Council disagrees.


  • Councillor Nick Raynor commented that the dog bin and fence had fallen over by the speed camera at Virginia House and that this was unsightly, this had previously been reported by a resident and a  quote of £495  had been received for the work

It was proposed that the work should be done. The quote of £495 was approved


Resolved that the fence by Virginia House and the Speed camera be replaced at a cost of £495.00 and Homelands be contacted to carry out the work.                                                           Action JY                                                                                                                                                  

It was noted that a dog bin was also outstanding for Painters Close. The Parish Council had ordered the bin but the supplier was out of stock.




  • County Councillor Mallon has met with OCVA who are helping with the bid for funding from OCC for the Butterfly Meadows Centre. The funding for Butterfly Meadows would be considered at the next Resources Committee on 10th August.


  • District Councillor Heath mentioned that the application for houses along the A361 in Banbury will be going ahead and access matters will be in front of CDC’s Planning Committee on Thursday 4th August. (OS Parcel 7400 Adjoining and South of Salt Way, Banbury (Pages 16 – 89) 14/01932/OUT.   She will be raising issues concerning the proposed roundabout on the A361 and access to the new developments which is highly likely to block the traffic coming from the direction of Bloxham as this will need to give way to the right.  Councillor Mallon commented that a spine road would be crucial.


It was queried whether the District Council could demand that infrastructure should be put in place before housing is built.

It was suggested that the Parish Council should submit a request suggesting that infrastructure should be in place prior to the building of houses.


Resolved that the Planning Officer be informed of the view of the Parish Council                Action JY


50 /16  PLANNING


  • A report on the planning applications considered by the Parish Council’s Planning Committee and the decisions made by Cherwell District Council had been circulated to the Parish Council prior to the meeting


                        Resolved that the report be noted.



  • Planning Matters – The Chairman gave an update on the following planning applications:



  • 15/01021/REM and 16/01020/OUT (variation of Condition), Milton Road (Miller Homes

 No further update.


  • 14/01634/REM, Land to the rear and north of 29 to 33 Quarry Close, Bloxham (Miller Homes)

The Parish Council is still waiting for a date of the meeting with Miller Homes and the Slade Warden.

Resolved that the Council continue to seek this meeting.                                                   Action JY/SS



  • 14/00761/REM, Wellington Park, Barford Road (Bovis), including update on drainage from the Barford Road and layout of gardens on the development site.


A report was received from OCC as follows:-

“The developer was seeking to limit the amount of surface water arriving at the development from the highway. The solution they came up with was not acceptable to us as it effectively would in our opinion make a more regular and worse flood on the highway should the other pipe get blocked.

We have been sent a draft plan which shows a proposed extra system which takes the water from the surcharging ditch into the surface water system on the site and on down to the pumping station, however we have not approved it yet as there still remains an issue with the extra amount the pumped system can cope with. It’s difficult to quantify so the developer is nervous of making it a formal.


We still feel they should take the water regardless of the amount as they have neglected to take account of the ditch in the first place at site investigation and design stage.


I have asked about the pond and have not received a response as yet.”


  • Outcome of the Enforcement complaint regarding the planning breach of sign for Bromford,


CDC Enforcement has been in touch with Bovis for Retrospective applications to be submitted for the extra signs and flag poles which have been erected.


CDC is also keeping an eye on the boundary hedge between this development and Aldous Drive and the Miller Homes, (Milton Road) site.


A query has been raised by CDC regarding the ownership of the land between the development and neighbouring buildings.  There are gaps which are not owned by Bovis Homes.


  • Application 16/01079/F to extend Bakers Thatch has been withdrawn and an application to convert a dovecote to a library 16/00720/LB Tythe Barn has been refused and taken to appeal


  • The Parish Council Planning Committee will review the outline plan for 3 houses on the Barford Road
    16/01412/OUT at its meeting on the 9th August.
  • Deed of variation of Bovis Homes for less shared ownership to more social rented accommodation has been approved.


Councillor Stephen Phipps has reported problems on the Barford Road using OCC’s Fix My Street earlier in the year.  This poses a current danger to road users.  Councillor Keiron Mallon offered to mediate.

Resolved that Councillor Stephen Phipps will report back to council.                                      Action KM/SP


Bloxham Neighbourhood Development Plan (BNDP) –


  • It was noted that the Examiner’s Final Report has been received, and a timescale outlined to reach a Referendum.
  • The Steering group to set in motion notification for residents. It is anticipated that the modified BNDP will go to the  5th September Executive Council to be passed and sent for a referendum.
  • Proposal that the Parish Council allows the BNDP steering group to set in motion the process for notifying the public about the Executive meeting and the referendum.


Resolved:  That the report is noted and the steering group contacted.                                       Action JY

Proposed Councillor Nick Raynor

Seconded Councillor Gloria Lester Stevens




Parish Council Vacancy


There has been a renewed approach by a resident and arrangements confirmed to meet with him next week.


  1. i) Committee Minutes and Recommendations.


  • Environment Committee:

Councillor Nick Raynor proposed to bring the next Environment Committee forward to end of August  to assess the quotes for work to the Parish trees


Councillors Area of Responsibility.


Councillor Gloria Lester Stevens had reported the overgrown condition of the footpath behind 64 Winter Way.  This has been cleared


Raised man hole on Gascoigne Way, this has been reported to OCC who are chasing the repair.


Overgrown hedges on pavement on A361, leading to the Recreation Ground and Bus stop have been reported to OCC.


PROW overgrown Greens Garth 136/2 and 136/4 reported to OCC. OCC are in the process of cutting back the growth as part of a schedule of works.



  • Resources Committee – Date of next meeting 10th August to discuss the funding options relating to Butterfly Meadows.


To consider an approach by the Parish Council for funding library provision from OCC S106


  • Planning & Strategy Committee:


To note the minutes of the meeting held on 5th July 2016; in Drop Box

Date of next meeting 9th August 2016


  1. ii) Drop-in and Chat Session – To note the issues which were raised at the last session.

Sessions are currently held at the Ex-Serviceman’s Hall from 10.30am to 11.30am, unless stated otherwise

Report from Saturday 9 July 2016 – Councillors Mary Groves and Steve Craggs attended but no residents attended the drop in and chat session


Saturday 13 August 2016 – Councillors Stephen Phipps and Jenny Yates


iii)       Report on the Chairman’s training


It was emphasised that the call to Parish Council meeting is not an invitation but a summons.

If there is the slightest hint that a Parish Councillor has a pecuniary interest then this should be declared


Resolved: that the report is noted:


  1. iv) Roles and Responsibilities training 10th September 2016

attending Councillors Mike Hawtin and Steve Craggs.


  1. v) Jubilee Park Management Committee (JPMC) – To receive an update on the work of the Committee and           note the matters arising from the minutes of  meeting held 28th July


Councillor Sue Slater submitted a report; the play equipment plans are in place awaiting a deed of variation.  There had been some confusion of use of s106 monies regarding change of use of rooms to changing rooms.  The proposals for extending the car park on hold as part of the extension to the hall.


Resolved: that the report is noted


  1. vi) The Youth Club has folded but the leader will continue involvement with the JMPC.


Resolved that letters of appreciation for the work of the two leaders to be sent                        Action JY


vii)       Donated Tree; The Jubilee Committee has stated that it would not be appropriate to accept a donated tree in the park due to possible root spread. The Council would need to review another suitable location, a suggestion had been made to consider Green hills Park.                          Action Environment Committee


52/16   FINANCE


Payments August 2016 Amount Cheque No.
HMRC Payment for July 2016 £239.75 056
St John’s Ambulance First Aid Course £174.00 057
St Mary’s Church (Clock repairs) £120.00 058
Jubilee Park room hire first aid course 25/06/16 £30.00 059
Oxfordshire County Council Primary School room hire £143.00 060
Theresa Goss – Salary for August 2016 £644.33 061
Katherine Mills – Salary for July 2016 £162.16 062
OCC Pension Fund – Clerks Pension £191.78 063
LCR Subscription £17.00 064
Technique Print Circular Walk reprint leaflets £304 065
Treetech Tree Survey £768.00 066
  • Accounts for Payment – In the absence of the Clerk the Chairman submitted to the Parish Council, the accounts to be paid.


Proposed       Councillor  Gloria Lester Stevens

Seconded         Councillor Stephen Phipps


Resolved that the accounts be approved for payment


  • Bank Reconciliation – Due to RFO absence the bank reconciliation will be presented to the next Parish Council meeting


  • Section 106 Funding


  1. To receive a report on the Section 106 Working Group.


Councillor Mike Hawtin reported that Zoe White and himself had met with the Development Manager for the Warriner School regarding the proposals for a Multi Use Games Area.

Plans, cash flow, community usage and proposals for future usage had been circulated to Parish Councillors.


CDC is committing £60,000, S 106 money, which is subject to the commencement of building work on the Tadmarton Road.

An additional £15,000 is required to complete the required funding for the project.

The Council agreed that this project would be worthwhile for the village.

Councillor Gloria Lester Stevens proposed that CDC would take the risk on providing the £60,000 but that £15,000 could be allocated from existing S106 funds held by CDC for Bloxham, providing a community use agreement was included,

Councillor Phipps felt that the Parish Council should be involved in drafting the Joint Use Agreement  and confirmation was required from CDC as to how the £60,000 should be funded.

Resolved that Confirmation should be sought from CDC that the £60,000 would not be funded from existing S106 funds held for Bloxham.                                          

Proposed Councillor Nick Raynor

Seconded Councillor  Mary Groves


Councillors agreed with one abstention.                                                        Action JY/SS                                                                                                            


53/16  Village Matters


1) Play Provision


  1. There has been no deed of variation produced by CDC for this meeting.

Therefore the Chairman proposed that:

the council agree which quotes to accept, in case Deed of Variation is completed between PC meetings,    then  the parish council could be in a position to action the decision.


Proposed Councillor Gloria Lester Stevens

Seconder Councillor Mike Hawtin                                                                            


  1. Recreation Ground; to approve the proposal and quote put forward by Recreation Ground Trustees.
  2. Jubilee Park; to approve the proposal put forward by the Jubilee Management Committee at £27,876. Given it is over the budget set, Resource Committee to be asked to recommend how the shortfall can be funded.                                                                                                          Action Resource Committee


  1. CDC to be asked to help with the contract.                                                               Action JY/SS

Proposed Councillor Gloria Lester Stevens

Seconder Councillor Mike Hawtin


  • Bloxham Festival:- Councillor Mary Groves reported that the Festival Group is still seeking volunteers to take a leading co-ordinating role


  • Village Groups:- No reports.


  • Youth Club:- this has now folded, the Parish Council had  been contacted by Oxfordshire Youth to see if help was needed for a youth club.  However, it is felt that the numbers attending the youth club were so small that this would not be worthwhile.

Need to check what the Youth Club has and what should be returned to the Parish Council and how   possessions should be disposed of.  Any monies need to be returned to the Parish Council.

Letters to be sent to Alison and  Sarah to thank them for their work.                                 Action JY                                                             


Councillors Nick Raynor, Mike Hawtin and Gloria Lester Stevens offered to receive the exit checklist and documentation from Alison and Sarah.


  • Parish Council Wish List:- it was agreed to add the proposal for a footpath along the Barford Road in front of the existing houses. There would be a consultation process with immediate neighbours as part of the process.



54/16 Public and Press

Resolved that in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, the public and press be excluded from the meeting for the minutes numbered 135/15 on the grounds that it could involve the likely disclosure of private and confidential information which was not in the public domain.

55/16 A report was tabled by the Parish Council Staff Committee relating to the recent resignation of the Parish Council Administrator.


56/16 Correspondence

  • The War Memorial is being considered for listing by English Heritage.


  • A resident in Painters Close had complained about branches having been left following recent tree works, The Chairman reported that this area had been cleared by Steve Craggs and David Yates. The appreciation of the Parish Council was expressed to both.


  • A resident had raised the issue of village volunteers to carry out maintenance, this would be considered by the Environment Committee.












            Resolved that it be noted that, future meeting dates for Bloxham Parish Council were as stated below.  They would all commence at 7.30pm (unless stated otherwise) in St Mary’s Parish Rooms, Bloxham, and reference should be made to the agenda prior to the meeting:


  • 5 September 2016
  • 3 October 2016
  • 7 November 2016
  • 5 December 2016