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Photograph of Bloxham village

Our Responsibilities

Maintenance of public clocks. Grants have been given towards winding and maintaining St Mary’s Church clock.

Power to protect any finally registered Common which has no registered owner. (Queen Street)

Provision of buildings for public meetings and functions, use by clubs, etc.

Provision of litter bins in street. A number of litter bins located throughout village. Provision of eight dog litter bins.

Open Spaces and Parks
Provision and maintenance of public open spaces, pleasure grounds and public walks.
The Slade Nature Reserve.

Playing Fields
Jubilee Park.  Bloxham Recreation Ground is owned by Trustees.

Roadside Verges
Grass maintenance carried out to many areas within the village.

Provision and maintenance of public seats on highway. A number of seats have been provided.

Bush shelters in the village are provided and maintained. 

Powers to erect signs which warn of dangers or announce a name or indicate a bus stop. 

Traffic Calming
Powers to investigate the management and control of traffic in the local area and to contribute towards expenses incurred by the Highway Authority in providing traffic calming works for local benefit. 

Power to plant and maintain. Numerous trees have been planted by the Parish Council over the years.

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